Journalism and free speech trials: Week of Dec 17-21

16 December 2018

This week several journalists, including Deniz Yücel defended by Media and Law Studies Association (MLSA), will appear before judges. Below is a list of this week’s journalism and free speech trials:

December 18, Tuesday

  • 84th hearing of the lawsuit filed regarding the murder of Agos newspaper Editor-in-Chief Hrant Dink, will be held at İstanbul 14. High Criminal Court at 12:30 PM.

December 19, Wednesday

  • Ninth hearing of 24 people who were detained and arrested during the protests that followed the 24 April referendum, including documentarist and video activist Kazım Kızıl will be held at İstanbul 33. Criminal Court of First Instance at 09:30 AM.

December 20, Thursday

  • Second hearing of journalist Deniz Yücel defended by MLSA Legal Unit, will be held at İstanbul 32. High Criminal Court at 09:30 AM. Yücel is charged with ‘terrorist propaganda’ and ‘inciting the public towards hatred and animosity’.

December 21, Friday

  • Hearing of former Taraf newspaper Editor-in-Chief Ahmet Altan will be held at İstanbul 30. Criminal Court of First Instance at 10:05 AM. Altan, who is in pre-trial detention from a separate case, is charged with ‘insulting the president’.