Academics for Peace

'Peace academic' Şenay Çınar's hearing adjourned until Feb 2019

5 September 2018

The first hearing of Boğaziçi University research associate Şenay Çınar was held today at İstanbul 37. High Criminal Court. Çınar faces terrorist propaganda charges arising from her participation in a petition by ‘Academics for Peace’ stating ‘We will not be a party to this crime’, protesting the Turkish military’s activity in predominantly Kurdish regions.

Three academics given suspended prison terms for calling an for end to state violence

23 February 2018

Three Turkish academics were sentenced to one year and three months in prison on 23 February, in a hearing at the İstanbul 32nd High Criminal Courthouse in a trial where they were charged with "terror propaganda."

İstanbul University research assistants Ayda Rona and Ezgi Pınar and retired Istanbul University professor İzzettin Önder were given the sentence under Turkey's Counterrorterrorsim Law 7/2, which criminalizes supporting the convictions of groups which are considered as terrorist organizations. 

Academics appear before judges for calling for peace

18 January 2018

Another twelve academics appeared before courts in Istanbul on Jan. 18, facing terror propaganda charges for signing a petition in early 2016 which called on the Turkish government to put an end to security operations in Turkey’s mostly Kurdish-populated provinces, during which many rights violations targeting civilians allegedly occurred.

More than 1000 academics will appear before judges for signing the petition in the coming months. So far 77 academics have attended trials, the first of which was on Dec. 5, 2017.