RedHack Trial adjourned until 8 January

13 September 2018

Elif Akgül, İstanbul - Case hearing of six journalists, also known as the RedHack Trial, was held at İstanbul 29. High Criminal Court.

Hearing was monitored by MLSA and Republican People's Party (CHP) MP Sezgin Tanrıkulu, as well as representatives from various non-governmental organisations concentrating on freedom of expression and free press. Hearing started at 11 AM and defendants Eray Sargın, Derya Okatan and Mahir Kanaat attended the hearing in person whereas Metin Yoksu and Ömer Çelik were absent.

Journalists requested the restitution of their digital materials that were seized when they were taken into custody. Lawyers remarked that the seized material involved Kanaat's daughter's iPad where she used to play games. Derya Okatan stated that she was taken into custody when she was at her aunt's house to give her condolences after her daughter's death, and added: "The seized computer did not belong to me, it belonged to my niece. The only photos of her are in that computer."

Lawyer Tolgay Güvercin stated that the judicial control imposed on the journalists has turned into a punishment rather than a precaution. He requested the lifting of the judicial control. Prosecutor Ali Nazmi Dandin requested the rejection of all requests of the defence.

Court stated its interim decision after a short recession and rejected all requests made by the defence. It also ordered Metin Yoksu and Ömer Çelik to be brought into the courtroom by force and adjourned the hearing until 8 January 2019.