Journalist Defense

ECtHR requests Turkish government’s defense in the case of İdris Sayılğan

14 June 2019

ECtHR requests the government’s defense in a Kurdish journalist’s case for the first time since the coup attempt of 15 July 2016

European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) requested the Turkish government’s defense in the case of journalist İdris Sayılğan, who has been behind bars at Trabzon Prison for over 2 years. Sayılğan is represented by Media and Law Studies Association (MLSA).

Die Welt journalist’s revelations point to physical abuse, torture in Silivri prison

10 May 2019

Berlin - Die Welt correspondent Deniz Yücel presented his defense statement at Amtsgericht Berlin-Tiergarten Court today. Yücel’s lawyer Veysel Ok was present in the courtroom with him. This statement will be relayed to the 32nd High Criminal Court in İstanbul where he is on trial for “making propaganda of a terrorist organization” and “inciting the public to hatred” charges.

Constitutional Court says journalist Ataman’s application “openly unfounded”

2 May 2019
Ziya Ataman

High Court says there are no grounds to the claim that Ataman’s three-year-long detention is unreasonably long

The Turkish Constitutional Court has rejected an application filed by Kurdish journalist Ziya Ataman who has been imprisoned for three years on unclear charges and with no evidence, saying that his claims that his right to liberty and security of person and his right to a fair trial have been violated were openly lacking grounds.

MLSA Co-Director Veysel Ok to receive Thomas Dehler Medal for work on media freedom

20 March 2019

Lawyer Veysel Ok, who has defended dozens of journalists in Turkey who were prosecuted for their work, is going to receive Thomas Dehler Medal 2019, given in the honor of the first Minister fo Justice of the Federal Republic of Germany. Ok is awarded this prestigious medal for his work in advocating for freedom of speech and the rule of law in Turkey.

The medal will be presented in a ceremony that will be held in Munich on April 5. Lawyer Ok will receive his medal from Germany’s former Minister of Justice Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger.