Journalism and free speech trials: Week of Feb 11-15

6 February 2019

This week several journalists will appear before judges. Below is a list of this week’s journalism and free speech trials:

February 11, Monday

  • Eight of them imprisoned including the owner of the printing house Kasım Zengin, hearing of 21 Gün Printing House employees will be held at İstanbul 26. High Criminal Court at 10:00 AM. Defendants are charged with “membership in a terrorist organization”, “spreading terrorist propaganda” and “committing a crime on behalf of a terrorist organization without being a member”.

February 12, Tuesday

  • Fifth hearing of jailed journalist Uğur Yılmaz, defended by Media and Law Studies Association (MLSA), will be held at Bitlis 2. High Criminal Court. Yılmaz is accused of “spreading terrorist propaganda” and “membership in a terrorist organization”.

February 14, Thursday

  • Columnist Nurcan Baysal will appear before Diyarbakır 7. Criminal Court of First Instance at 09:25 AM on “inciting the public towards hatred and animosity” charges.
  • Jailed since 13 April 2018 in Silivri Prison, Etkin News Agency (ETHA) reporter Adil Demirci will be on trial before İstanbul 25. High Criminal Court on “membership in a terrorist organization” and “spreading terrorist propaganda” charges.
  • Charged with “membership in a terrorist organization” and “spreading terrorist propaganda”, ETHA editor İsminaz Temel and reporter Havva Cuştan will appear before İstanbul 27. High Criminal Court. Cuştan was released after the first hearing of their trial, whereas Temel remains imprisoned.