Human Rights

Hearing of Kazım Kızıl was adjourned until December

1 October 2018

Sevda Aydın, İzmir – A mass hearing of 25 defendants, including activist and documentary-maker Kazım Kızıl, was held at İzmir 33. Court of First Instance today. The 25 defendants face charges of 'insulting the president' and 'defying the law of assembly and demonstration'.

Only Kazım Kızıl and Baran Ateş were able to attend the hearing in person. Many defendants had spent three months in pre-trial detention until they were released temporarily at the first hearing.

845 people in Turkey detained for criticizing military campaign in Syria

27 February 2018

The Turkish Interior Ministry on 26 February announced that a total of 845 individuals have so far been detained by police for expressing online criticism for Turkey's military operation in the north of Syria. 

This marks a further increase from the figure of 786, which the ministry announced the previous week.The ministry didn't specify how many of those detentions had turned into formal arrests and imprisonment.