Free speech and journalism trials: Week of 2 July - 8 July

1 July 2018

Below is a list of freedom of expression and journalism trials to be heard between July 2 and July 8 :

Monday, 2 July 

● Journalist Seda Taşkın, who is charged with "propaganda of a terrorist organization" and "being a member of a terrorist organization"  will be heard at 11:55 at at the Mus 2. High Criminal Court. The indictment into her treats her news reports and social media posts as "evidence" for her crime. 

Wednesday, 4 July 

● Lawyer Veysel Ok will appear before the 37. Criminal Court of First Instance at Caglayan Courthouse at 9.30 am on charges of insulting the judiciary for referring to the Turkish judiciary as "not independent" in a 2016 interview. 

Thursday 5 July

● The trial of 11 columnists and journalists who worked at the shuttered Zaman daily will continue at the Istanbul 13. High Criminal Court at 10:30 am at Çağlayan Courthouse. The writers on trial are Zaman's Ali Bulaç, İbrahim Karayeğin, Mumtazer Türköne, Şahin Alpay, Mehmet Özdemir, Mustafa Ünal, Ahmet Turan Alkan, Nuriye Ural, İhsan Dağı, Lale Kemal and Orhan Kemal Cengiz. In the final hearing, journalists Ali Bulaç and Mehmet Özdemir were released from hearing and a house arrest order for Şahin Alpay was listed. A verdict will likely this week in this trial where several journalists face "life" sentences. This hearing will continue on 6 July. 

Friday, 6 July 

● Singer Ferhat Tunç will be on trial for prtesting the results of 16 April 16 referendum, and the court case against the public on the grounds of publicly inciting hatred and hostility on the grounds of sharing" No, I do not think " Büyükçekmece 14th Criminal Court of First Instance " at 09:10 .