First hearing of Deniz Yücel's compensation case will be held on Tuesday

24 September 2018

First hearing of Die Welt newspaper Turkey reporter Deniz Yücel's compensation lawsuit against Turkey will be held at 10:45 AM at İstanbul 17. High Criminal Court on 25 September, Tuesday.  

Deniz Yücel spent almost 1 year in detention on "terrorist propaganda” and "inciting the public towards hatred and animosity” charges, before being released on February 16. Yücel's lawyer Media and Law Studies Association (MLSA) Coordinator Veysel Ok filed a lawsuit on behalf of his client on 31 May, claiming nearly 3 million Turkish Liras (TL) in compensation.

Veysel Ok remarked that the conditions of Yücel's detention were also unlawful and added: Deniz Yücel was detained in Silivri Prison for almost one year, 10 months of which in solitary confinement. He was detained due to his writings and reporting, his arrest was unlawful and unjust. Deniz was targeted by pro-government journalists and the government itself during his detention. Yes, he is now free, however, there should be a cost for what he has gone through. We chose to file this suit as a way of settling accounts and proving that proceeding against him were indeed unlawful.

Ok stated that they are claiming 2 million 980 thousand TL in compensation, and added that this figure involved 1 million TL moral damages due to the violation of Yücel's right to freedom, 250 thousand TL material damages regarding Yücel's loss of possible income whilst he was in detention, and finally all of his court expenses. Ok also remarked that what Deniz Yücel has gone through is beyond any price. He said: “You cannot arrest a globally famous journalist in his most productive years, keep him in solitary confinement and act as nothing happened.”

Accusations against Yücel

Deniz Yücel, who is a 44-year-old Turkish and German citizen was detained for almost 1 year in Turkey, without any indictment prepared about him. Yücel, who was released pending trial on 16 February 2018, left the country after his release. The first case hearing of Deniz Yücel was held in June and his request of acquittal was rejected. His next hearing will be held at İstanbul 32. High Criminal Court on 20 December. Prosecution requests 18 years of imprisonment for Yücel.