Court rules to keep Mehmet Gündem in prison, adjourns trial until July

29 May 2019

İstanbul - Sixth hearing of the trial where journalist Mehmet Gündem faces “membership in a terrorist organization” charges was held at Istanbul 35th High Criminal Court today. Gündem is being tried whilst in detention and has been imprisoned since November 2017.

Mehmet Gündem was brought to the courtroom from Silivri Prison and attended the hearing in person. Gündem’s lawyers and relatives were present in the courtroom as well. The presiding judge stated that the expert report on digital materials has not been received yet. The prosecutor repeated the final opinion from the previous hearing and demanded the continuation of Gündem’s detention. Noting that he does not have anything to say in this hearing, Gündem demanded his acquittal.

Gündem’s lawyer stated, “My client is a journalist and a writer. His profession requires him to know many people. You cannot deduce that he has membership in a terrorist organization just because he knows the people specified in the indictment.” Another lawyer added, “It is evident that evidence has been collected as part of the case file. My client has not used any of these apps. He has been tried whilst in detention for a very long time. I demand his release with judicial control measures.”

The court ruled for the continuation of journalist Mehmet Gündem’s detention and adjourned the trial until 9 July.